WEG’s in depth knowledge of Electric Motors coupled with their industry leading design capabilities has helped to solidify their top placement as leaders in innovation for Low and High Voltage Machines. WEG offers;

  • Low and Medium Voltage H Line Electric Motors
  • The W22 Medium Voltage Electric Motors
  • The wide variety of the M Line of Low and High Voltage Machines
  • DC Motors
  • Synchronous Machines
  • Speciality Machines such as the WGM Line Water Jacket Cooled Motors, Top Drive Motors, and Mudpump and Draw Works Machines.


The recently launched WEG W22 series of Electric Motors can also be found in a medium voltage variant. WEB’s medium voltage W22 motors range in availability from 125 to 600 HP, with volts ranging from 2300 to 6600V and come with 2, 4, 6, and 8 pole options in NEMA frames 449T, 586/7T and 588/9T. The W22 motor has a 4140 steel shaft and RTD’s (2 per phase). Similar to their low voltage sibling, the medium voltage W22 at TEFC IP55 with a top mounted terminal box designed to facilitate maximum flexibility.


Available in 2 and 4 pole from 1200 to 5000V, WEG’s ODP medium voltage motors boast a 1.15 Service Factor, RTD’s (2 per phase) and 4140 steel shaft. Much like the W22 line, they include a top mounted terminal box to enhance the flexibility of mounting options..


WEG’s popular H Line Machines deliver versatility for many industrial applications. Available in NEMA frames 5006 to 9610, with vertical or horizontal mounting options (and the optional API 541 rating), the H Line offers ANSI/API Standard 541 to meet the minimum requirements for form-wound squirrel-cage induction motors 500 HP and greater for use in the petroleum industry.


M Line motors are manufactured in different configurations in reference to cooling methods and degree of protection. As a result, a motor configuration can be defined in such a way to better meet operating and environment conditions. Motor supplied in frame sizes NEMA 4400 to 8000 (IEC 280 to 450) are manufactured in cast iron frames. Those motors manufactured in frame sizes NEMA 8800 (IEC 500) and larger have their frames built in welded steel plates. These machines have output ratings up to 70,000 HP with voltages from 220 V to 13.8 kV. The machines are available from 2 to 12 poles (3600 to 300 RPM). The Master Line provides users with benefits in efficiency, a large range in degree of protection (IP rating), reduced noise levels and lower and easier maintenance. A choice between Slip Ring (wound rotor) or Squirrel Cage rotor and between oil lubricated sleeve bearings or grease or oil lubricated ball or roller bearings provides the M Line with the versatility to meet the demands of a variety of applications.


The water jacket cooled WGM motors were designed to meet the increasing demand for compact and reduced noise level machines, where high output power versus frame size ratio is required. The water cooling system for WGM motors is provided by circulation of water over the frame construction and endshields. Besides allowing an effective thermal exchange between motor and the water, this cooling system reduces the temperature of the hoses along the grooves and increases the output power versus frame size ratio. Additionally, this system maintains the thermal efficiency, even at reduced speeds, which allows the application of this motor with frequency drives at high speed range on severe application that requires constant torque. The water cooling system also minimizes the heat exchange with the environment, cools down the bearings without requiring independent cooling system along with keeping low noise level.


WEG also has a very vast line of DC Motors offering outputs of 150 to 5000 HP. DC Motors are available with IP Ratings of IP23, IP44 or IP55.


WEG also offers many specialty machines including Synchronous Machines, Top Drive Motors, Mudpump and Draw Works Motors Offshore machines and drop in replacements for competitive machines. WEG Top Drive Variable AC Motors are built with high density magnetic steel and windings providing twice the peak torque as conventional AC motors. WEG Top Drive Variable AC Motors have been built for use in variable speed PWM controller applications where fast response to speed commands and high speed torque are required. They are designed to virtually eliminate motor damaging reflective wave problems. WEG Top Drive motors are up to three frame sizes smaller which allow for reduced rotor inertia and weigh less than NEMA frame motors. WEG Top Drive motors are ideal for applications requiring wide constant torque and constant horsepower ranges, including continuous operation at stall.


WEG understands the needs of an industrial electrical system. This understanding comes to bear in its myriad of products including generators for many applications. WEG provides G Plus Line generators for stand-by power, continuous duty or peak hours applications as well as turbo generators and hydrogenerators for power and utility companies. WEG brings to bear its engineering strength, manufacturing prowess and strict quality assurance to provide the best possible product to their customers.


Available in models up to 4200 kVA, the alternators of the G Plus line are used mainly in application of diesel or gas generator groups. They are also able to operate with steam or hydraulic turbines. They operate in all types of emergency generator groups, peak hours or continuous operation in the areas such as Industrial, Commercial, Naval, Telecommunications, Mining, Irrigation, Hospitals, Rural Areas and Airports.

The G Plus Line has low voltage options from 110 to 690V and high voltage from 2300 to 13800V. The generators are available with Class H Insulation for low voltage options and Class F for high voltage. G Plus Line alternators are IP21 standard, but can be requested with IP23, IP21W, IP23W, IP44, IP44W, IP54, IP55 or IP55W ratings.


In conjunction with world renown consultant companies, WEG developed complete industrial solutions for generation and energy distribution, and offers internationally recognized quality and state-of-the-art products. Modern concept, outstanding performance and long lasting lifetime are some of the features included in the WEG Turbogenerators and Hydrogenerators, which are widely used by Power and Utility Companies.

WEG Turbogenerators are available with outputs up to 62,500 kVA and voltages up to 13,800 V. They are available with IP ratings from IP23 to IP65W. WEG Hydrogenerators have outputs up to 200,000 kVA with voltages up to 13,800 V. Hydrogenerators are also available with a range of IP ratings from IP23 to IP65W. WEG Hydrogenerators can be mounted horizontally or vertically.




In 2009, WEG launched a revolutionary new concept for the Electric Motor. WEG has brought ground-breaking new concepts to the industry by bringing important design improvements to the frame including solid feet, a larger terminal box, and a redesigned fan cover.

WEG W22 General Purpose Motors boast a range from 1 to 750 HP in High Efficiency, NEMA Premium Efficiency, and the new Super Premium Efficiency levels. The re-engineered solid feet design delivers greater stability and lessened vibration to assist the motor when operating at a harder pace for a longer time.

The enhanced fan cover affords greater cooling power, enabling WEG greater flexibility in frame sizes and outputs. W22 NEMA Premium Efficiency Electric Motors are available in NEMA frames 143T to 588/9T. W22 Motors with NEMA frames 455/7T and higher utilize a uniquely engineered, re-configurable terminal box capable of mounting the motor F1, F2, or F3 with ease.

The WEG W22 innovative design concept is available in WEG’s General Purpose TEFC Motors, IEEE 841-2009 Motors and is coming soon for Explosion Proof Motors.

The WEG General Purpose TEFC Motor line-up is extremely versatile and designed to meet even the most stringent demands. Also available as a Medium Voltage motor, the General Purpose TEFC Motor is available in 2300V, 2400V,3300V,4000V,4160V, and up to 6.6kV.

The entire WEG W22 motor series is rated and CSA certified for Inverter Duty in Hazardous Locations. (Specific Ratings for each motor are available, please use the Contact Form at the top of this page or call 1 877 PAMENSKY).


Following the revolutionary W22 Electric Motor design concept, WEG’s IEEE 841-2009 Motors boast even greater advances in construction and stability. Forged entirely from Cast Iron, the IEEE 841-2009 Motor has been engineered to withstand even the strictest environments. The standard Labyrinth Tachonite Seal and the optional corrosion resistant epoxy finish defends the motor from the harsh operating environments. Inpro Seals and bronze fans are available as an optional feature.

WEG IEEE 841-2009 Motors come with an extended 60 month warranty and are available from 1-700 HP in NEMA Frames 143T to 588/9T.


WEG TEFC Explosion Proof Motors deliver exceptional versatility in potentially hazardous locations and are well-equipped to meet the demands of a variety of applications. TEFC Explosion Proof Motors are available in 230/460V, 460V & 575V up to 500HP.

WEG NEMA Premium Efficiency Explosion Proof Motors are Inverter Duty for 20:1 Constant Torque and 1000:1 Variable Torque. Operating in Optimized Flux mode with a WEG VFS, WEG Explosion Proof Motors are capable of 1000:1 Constant Torque. WEG motors are CSA certified for Inverter Duty in the following area classifications:

  • Division 1, Class I, Groups C & D
  • Division 1, Class II, Groups F & G


The Next Generation for Hazardous Locations:

This technologically advanced design has been engineered to deliver significant reductions in noise, vibrations and bearing temperature while providing superior thermal distribution, lowered wind losses and improved IP protection.

The W22X is available from 1 to 500 HP in frames 143T to 586/7T and boasts tremendous capabilities:

  • Ambient from -55C to +80C available
  • Protection – IP55 (standard) to IP66
  • Efficiency – Nema Premium to Super Premium
  • Paint System – Epoxy standard (250Hr ASTM 117B) Custom available
  • Altitude upto 5000 M.A.S.L.
  • Impact resistance IK10 (IEC EN 62262)
  • VFD Duty


WEG Open Drip Proof (ODP) Motors are available from 1 to 900 HP in both low and medium voltage NEMA Premium Efficiency levels and are UL listed for Fire Duty with a 1.15 Service Factor (SF).

Designed for inverter duty meeting NEMA MG1 Part 31, WEG ODP Motors are IP23 and have 4140 steel shafts on frames 404T and above. The motors are available with either C or D flange mounting capabilities.


WEG’s complete inventory of fractional and single phase motors consists of Explosion Proof Motors, General Purpose ODP and TEFC Motors, Farm Duty Motors, Compressor Duty Motors, and Jet Pump Motors with both threaded and keyed shaft options.


WEG provides functional motors engineered uniquely for pump applications.

TEFC Close Coupled Pump Motors are obtainable in either Single Phase or Three Phase in JM and JP configurations. The Single Phase JM and JP motor is available in ranges from 1 to 10HP, while the Three Phase JM and JP motor can be obtained in HP ranges of 1 to 100HP. The Three Phase ODP JM and JP Motor maintain a UL listing for Fire Pump Duty.

WEG’s In-Line Extra Thrust LP and LPH type motors are API 610 Compliant, following the governing regulations for the use of centrifugal pumps in the petroleum, petrochemical, and gas industries.

The Triple Rated Oil Well Pumping Motor delivers High Starting Torque and High Breakdown Torque designed for special applications.


WEG’s W22 concept extends to electric motors with IEC frames. WEG Tru-Metric W22 Motors are available in IEC Frames 80 to 355M/L with rated outputs up to 355 kW (480 HP). With cast iron frames and rated for Inverter Duty (VFD) use, WEG is able to supply metric motors for most applications.

WEG’s Metric Motor line also extends to motors designed for use in Hazardous Locations. EEx d Explosion Proof Motors and EEx nA Non-Sparking Motors are both full line offerings available to WEG customers in Canada.


NEMA Brake Motors, Metric Brake Motors, Saw Arbor Motors, Two Speed Motors, Pad Mount Motors, Servo Motors,

Permanent Magnet Motors are available from WEG for specific applications requiring their use.


The Pamensky facility houses the necessary equipment to provide motors modifications for enhanced protection that stronger applications require. WEG Motors are customizable to meet the strict demands of Washdown Duty, Marine Duty (IP56), Minin Duty (IP65), and Aggressive Chemical Duty.