SSW 07 Soft Starter

The SSW-07 Soft Starter from WEG was designed for high performance starting and stopping while providing an excellent cost-benefit ratio. The Starter is designed to be easily set-up and makes start up and daily activities simpler. Excellent for applications with heavy loads, the SSW-07 is suitable for Crusher applications as well as conveyors, hammer mills, centrifuges and many others. Standard Features
  • Strong reduction on mechanical stresses over the coupling and transmission devices (gearboxes, pulleys, gears, conveyors, etc.) during the start
  • Eliminates mechanical shock
  • Increases motor and machine mechanical equipment lifetime due to the elimination of mechanical shock
  • Easy operation, setup, maintenance & installation
  • Simple electric installation
  • Operates in environments up to 55ºC (without current reduction for all models)
  • Integral, electronic motor protection
  • Built-in electronic thermal relay
  • Avoids the “Water Hammer” in pump applications
  • Limitation of voltage drop during start
  • Universal voltage (220 to 575 Vac)
  • Switched type power supply with EMC filter for the control electronics (110 to 240 Vac)
  • Voltage monitoring of the electronics to back-up l2t values (thermal image)
  • Local Keypad
Optional Features
  • RS 485 Serial Interface
  • RS 232 Serial Interface
  • Remote keypad
  • PTC Kit
  • IP20 Kit for M3