Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights

WEG has used its leading-edge technology & development capability to design the CSW series of pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches and accessories. These user friendly and durable Ø22mm pilot devices are used in many industrial applications and environments. Besides the brightness, the BIDL blocks have many other valuable characteristics, such as:
  • Long life expectancy
  • Great performance on shock and vibration applications
  • Extremely low power consumption and thermal dissipation
  • High luminosity and color defi nition (independant of the lens)
Fast and easy assembling system The Mounting of the contact blocks to the operator (pushbutton, selector switch or indicator) is done via a snap on flange which ensures a fast tight fit. This system also can be removed quickly, without tools. Each single block can be mounted or removed individually: to assemble, just snap the components together and a common screwdriver is all that is necessary for disassembly. The ergonomic design of the new locking ring allows hand tightening, without the need for a screwdriver. Contact blocks – safety and reliability High efficiency self-cleaning contact blocks; Pure Silver Contacts (Ag100), ensures maximum reliability in every condition even at low energy levels (5mA/12V). NC Contacts with “Positive Break” system, ensures circuit interruption.