JP Type W22 TEFC Pump Motors - High Efficiency

Standard Features

  • High Efficiency Level according to NEMA MG-1;
  • Three-phase, 60 Hz;
  • Degree of protection: IP55 – TEFC – Totally enclosed fan cooled;
  • Rated output: 1 HP to 100 HP;
  • Number of poles: 2 and 4;
  • Frame sizes: 143JP to 404/5JP;
  • FC-200 Cast iron frames;
  • Voltage: 208-230/460, 460V or 575V;
  • Service Factor: 1.25;
  • F-1 mount;
  • Steel made fan cover for frames 143JP to 215JP and cast iron made for 254JP and above;
  • Automatic drain plastic plug for frames 143JP to 215JP and rubber closed drain plug 254JP and above;
  • V’ring seals for frames 143JP to 326JP and Oil seal for frame 364/5JP and above;
  • Class "F" insulation with class "B" (80ºC) temperature rise;
  • Simple grounding (T-box interior and frame) for frames 143JP to 326JP and double grounding + additional (1 at T-box and 3 at frame) for frame 364/5JM and above;
  • Grease nipples for frame 364/5JP and above;
  • Continuous Duty (S1);
  • Painting plan: 207A for frames 143JP to 215JP and 203A for frame 254JP and above;
  • Color: RAL 5009 – Blue;
  • Without thermal protection;
  • Design B.

Optional Features

  • Degree of protection: IPW55, IP56, IP65 and IP66;
  • Other voltage configurations;
  • Thermal protection: Thermistors, Thermostats or PT-100;
  • Space heaters;
  • Additional terminal box for accessories;
  • Cable glands;
  • 6 or 12 pins BMC terminal block;
  • Cable glands;
  • Grease nipple for frames 254JP to 326JP;
  • Stainless steel shaft;
  • Cast iron fan cover for frames 143JP to 215JP;
  • Other optional features under request.

Notes Motors are tested according to IEEE 112 std. - method "B" or C390 CSA. WEG also can provide IEC metric frame, cast iron, TEFC. Please ask for specific catalog. Typical Application Ideal for close coupled pumps, the new W22 JP Type High Efficiency brings all concepts and benefits from the new W22 motors platform allied to the highest efficiency levels currently available. Specially developed line for industrial and commercial pumping applications, its totally enclosed frames permit these motors to operate in moist or dusty atmospheres.

  • Water pumping
  • Process
  • Transfer and circulating pumps