CWC Miniature Contactors

The CWC Series miniature contactor features more horsepower for its size than any other miniature contactor on the market. The CWC’s compact dimensions for its current rating, up to 25A, AC-3 utilization category, allows it to take up less space inside electrical enclosures while still running motors up to 10HP @ 575V. The dimensions remain the same whether the coil voltage is AC or DC making panel design and assembly easier. DC models feature low consumption coils allowing the CWC to be operated directly from a PLC without interface relays. The following configurations are available “off-the-shelf.”
  • 3 Pole Normally Open Power Contacts with one built-in Auxiliary Contact (Can be Normally Open or Normally Closed)
  • 3 Pole Normally Open Reversing Contactors rated AC-4 Utilization Category
  • 4 Pole Power Contacts (four Normally Open, or two Normally Open and two Normally Closed)
  • Control Relay
An extensive lineup of modular and tool-free accessories makes the CWC Series the most flexible and easy-to-use miniature contactor available today. Features
  • Rated up to 10 HP @ 575V
  • Direct mounting to the WEG RW17D overload relay and MPW25 manual motor protector with ECCMP-C0 accessory
  • Frame size remains the same for AC and DC coil contactors
  • Heavy-duty operation
  • Tool-free DIN rail mounting
  • Complete line of snap-on accessories