CFW 700 Variable Frequency Drive

Designed for controlling squirrel cage three-phase induction motors the new CFW700 is a general purpose drive that gives costumers the flexibility needed for the control of applications ranging from simple speed control to more demanding ones including torque control. Standard Features
  • Built-in DC Link Reactor
  • Encoder Interface
  • RS485 Port for Modbus-RTU communication
  • 8 Digital Inputs / 5 Digital Outputs.
  • 2 Analog Inputs / 2 Analog Outputs.
  • Common DC bus Connection
  • Multi-speed: up to 8 preset speeds can be programmed.
  • PID regulation: eliminates the use of an external controller for closed loop control, thus great performance of speed and torque can be achieved.
  • Ride through: embedded in the CFW700 control this function avoids the drive from tripping during a power outage.
  • Speed/Torque regulation: open and closed loop (encoder feedback required).
  • Flying start: it is able to start smoothly a motor connected to a rotating load regardless rotation direction.
  • Control options for DC bus regulation: prevents the drive from tripping when short deceleration time is required, in demanding applications with high inertia loads.
  • S ramp: in applications requiring smooth start-up (e.g. beverage industry) this function can avoid production losses traditional start-up incurs.
  • Three-wire Start/Stop control: retentive contact can command the drive to start/stop the motor. (Soft PLC)
  • Electronic potentiometer: increase and decrease motor speed using pushbutton control
  • Skip frequency: for some applications specific frequencies must be avoided to protect against resonance effects.
  • Motor thermal curve adjustment: separate adjustment between the motor and drive allows for more effective protection for overload cycles.
  • Copy function: by using the flash memory card MMF-02 parameter settings can be easily stored ensuring integrity and safety in case replacement of the drive is required.
Factory Options
  • Safety Stop
  • RFI Filter
  • 24 VDC power input option for control section