8 August 2013

WEG Water Jacket Cooled Motors

WEG has announced the availability of the new WGM Line of Water Jacket Cooled Electric Motors. These motors are designed for use in extreme situations and environments. These WEG WGM motors have a special water cooling system to keep thermal efficient, meaning that even in the most extreme environments the motor remains cool. Water is circulated through the water jacket system between the frame and the stator core to keep effective thermal exchange between the water and the motor. This also results in a higher ratio of output power versus frame size. A side effect is the minimizing of heat exchange between with the environment, cooling the bearings without the need for an independent cooling system. “Water-cooled WGM motors are perfect for variable speed applications, since the thermal efficiency is optimized, even on reduced speeds, where space is a concern,” said Steve Waite, Large Machines Manager, WEG Electric Corp. “Harsh environments with high temperatures, limited space or dusty conditions are ideal for the use of the Water Jacket Cooled Motor.” Many industries will be able to make use of the WGM Line including Mining, Oil & Gas, Steel, Pulp and Paper, Cement, Marine Duty, Wind Energy and more. The WGM line is available from 400 to 3750 HP in voltages of 690V to 6.6kV. Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting in NEMA frames 5000 to 8800 and IEC frames 315 to 560. The motors are 2 pole to 8 pole and available in 50Hz or 60Hz configurations. For more information contact V.J. Pamensky Canada Inc. at 1 877 PAMENSKY (1 877 726-3675) or use the form at the top of the page to immediately contact our sales department. pdf-logoDownload the WGM Line Brochure