22 October 2014

WEG's New W50 Three Phase Electric Motors

WEG has released the new generation of WEG Motors for heavy duty applications. The WEG W50 motors offer not only excellent performance, but comply with the strictest efficiency and safety criteria in the most severe applications. The compact design provides high performance, while their robust frames ensure low vibration levels. 

The new mechanical concept not only optimizes characteristics like mass and length, but also offers product versatility and reduced maintenance.


  • Compact and robust frame

  • Low noise levels (82 dB(A) at 3600rpm)

  • Optimum efficiencies due to low mechanical losses

  • Innovative design of the DE endshield fins for maximum heat dissipation

  • Uniform temperature distribution across the motor frame due to the exclusive internal ventilation system 

  • Easy access to accessories

  • State of the art air deflector on the DE endshield ensuring lower bearing temperature

  • Modular forced ventilation kit

  • Wide range of options and accessories 

  • Terminal box location on either left or right side

Electrical Performance:

  • Suitable for VFD applications 

  • High output/weight ratio

  • Low starting current

  • WISE® insulation system for low voltage motors

  • VPI insulation system for medium voltage motors

  • Insulated NDE endshield for all motors

  • Wound stator winding and bearings with temperature sensors 

  • Low bearing temperatures ensure longer lubrication intervals and extended bearing lifetime

  • Low vibration levels ensure longer motor lifetime

Dedicated W50 Product Lines

The W50 motors also feature a number of definite purpose versions, developed to meet specific industry and application requirements, whilst maintaining the need to provide the best solution for the customer.

W50 IEEE 841
The W50 IEEE841 motors are specially suited for Pulp & Paper mills, Steel mills, Petrochemical Plants and diverse demanding applications requiring severe duty long life motors.

  • Internal anticorrosive painting

  • Guaranteed foot flatness to within 0.005”

  • T-type open drain made of stainless steel 304

  • INPRO/SEAL® bearing seal

W50 API 541
The W50 API 541 line was specially developed in accordance with the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute, the World reference in the standardization of equipment for the oil industry.

  • Certified for ambient temperatures up to 60°C 

  • Copper rotor

  • Sleeve bearings

  • Maximum Is/In of 6.5

  • Stainless steel fasteners

With safety being of paramount importance, WEG developed the W50Xn (Class I, Division 2) motor line to operate in hazardous areas. This type of protection is applied to electrical equipment which does not cause ignition of an explosive atmosphere under normal operating conditions.

  • Suitable for operation in hazardous areas classified as Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C and D, Temperature class T3.

W50 Vertical HT
Vertical motors are used in a variety of industries and on a great many applications, such as large pumps, mixers, agitators and cooling towers. 

  • Designed to withstand high axial thrusts

  • Excellent thermal performance 

  • Low bearing temperature

  • Simplified installation and maintenance