31 January 2014

WEG Products for Pumps

WEG provides many different products for pump OEM’s. WEG low and medium voltage electric motors provide a wide range of voltages and outputs. Low and medium voltage Variable Frequency Drives give speed control of motors up to 4,000 HP. Low and Medium Voltage Motors for Various Applications WEG’s Electric Motors for pumps are suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting. WEG offers ‘C’ Flange, Foot Base, IEEE 841, JM, JP, In-Line Extra Thrust LP (API 610) and P-Base motors for pumps. WEG AC motors meet the most exacting specifications or application demands. WEG motors use the proprietary WISE Wire insulation system that provides the windings with increased dielectric resistance. This allows VFD operation up to 575V without requiring modification to the motor. This also extends the motor’s lifetime. The new W22 line of WEG electric motors also provides lowered operational costs by offering higher efficiency over its designed lifetime. WEG low voltage electric motors are built using cast iron from WEG’s own on-site foundries. The W22 line of electric motors also features a redesigned frame that assures maximum durability and performance under any conditions. WEG’s large line of VFD’s is especially suited for these applications. WEG also offers medium voltage motors for various applications. WEG’s H Line of motors has motors ranging from 220 to 11,000 V with outputs up to 5,000 HP. With simple and compact cast iron construction, H Line motors are widely used due to their high reliability making them suitable for the majority of the driven machines found in industries. The frame construction consists of a high resistance solid block and it is fitted with external cooling fins. The whole cooling system, which consists of an internal and an external air flow, provides a homogeneous blow of cooling air inside the frame for maximum performance of such motors. Low and Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives V.J. Pamensky Canada Inc. provides a large array of Industrial Automation products including Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives. WEG’s line of Low Voltage VFD’s provide control for motors up to 600 HP. WEG Medium Voltage VFD’s can run motors up to 4000 HP with voltages up to 4160V.