23 January 2014

WEG For Consulting Engineers

WEG and V.J. Pamensky Canada Inc. understand the importance of Consulting Engineers and EPC’s and have worked to build solid relationships and trust with Engineering firms across Canada. WEG offers a wide range of products for many varying potential projects including: • Low Voltage Motors • Low and High Voltage Machines • Generators • Low Voltage Variable Frequency Drives • Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives • Low Voltage Soft Starters • Medium Voltage Soft Starters • Power Transformers • Industrial Control Products (Controls and Switchgear) WEG has the ability to manufacture customized products to fit the needs of the application and environment. With highly trained sales staff including several professional engineers to help firms from the bidding process through to delivery. Our technical support, documentation, drawings, 3D and AutoCAD are readily available and our onsite engineering group in Canada provides timely support for all demanding requirements. WEG has experience in all types of industries and applications such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Aggregate, Pumps and Fans. WEG’s experience in these industries is a large part of their success. WEG and V.J. Pamensky Canada Inc. understand the needs of these industries and design products and solutions to meet the individual needs of the project or application. WEG has experience doing business in over 100 countries worldwide and is familiar with Canadian and international standards and requirements.