22 October 2014

WEG's New W50 Three Phase Electric Motors

WEG has released the new generation of WEG Motors for heavy duty applications. The WEG W50 motors offer not only excellent performance, but comply with the strictest efficiency and safety criteria in the most s ...Read More

14 February 2014

WEG helps equip Brazilian bus with 100% battery drive

The Brazilian city of São Bernardo do Campo in São Paulo State has seen the launch of its first bus to be powered totally by electric battery. Driven by an 18-metre long battery, which is believed to be the first of it ...Read More

8 August 2013

W22 Line of Electric Motors

The increasing demand for electrical energy to sustain global development requires consistent heavy investments in power supply generation. However, in addition to complex medium and long term planning, these investments ...Read More

8 August 2013

WEG Water Jacket Cooled Motors

WEG has announced the availability of the new WGM Line of Water Jacket Cooled Electric Motors. These motors are designed for use in extreme situations and environments. These WEG WGM motors have a special water cooling s ...Read More

8 August 2013

Understanding Electric Motor Energy Efficiency Regulations

What are the new regulations? NRCan’s new regulations state that electric motors manufactured on or after April 12, 2012 must meet the new efficiency levels. What are the efficiency levels in the regulations? NRCa ...Read More